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Components Of The Tecco System
2023-07-20 08:28:37

TECCO Systems are including TECCO System G65/3, TECCO System G65/4, TECCO System G80/4, TECCO System G45/2 etc.

TECCO system is an important active protection type system in the rockfall protection projects. This tecco system mainly consists of tecco mesh, anchor, spike plate, boundary rope, sewing rope and specialized connection clips.

Components of the TECCO System 

* Tecco Mesh. Main part of the tecco system is made of high tensile steel wire 3.0mm /4.0mm /2.0mm and have excellent corrosion resistance performance. The 1770 N/m2 tensile strength supply maximum protection for the slope and people. The hole inscribed circle diameter can be 65mm(+/-5%)(83*143mm), 80mm(+/-5%)(102*177mm), 45mm(+/-5%)(62*95mm) etc.The mesh edge tightly knotted. The roll width*length are available with 3.5m*10m/20m/30m, 2.9m*10m/20m/30m etc.

* Steel Anchor. The steel anchor is made of deformed steel bar with 25mm / 28mm diameter, it is mainly used to fix the tecco mesh onto the rock or soil slopes. It can supply the whole stability to the slope and tecco mesh.

* Claw Type Spike Plate. The claw type spike plate is commonly used with nails to fasten the tecco mesh onto the slope firmly. The claw design make the spike plate a more stable and firm structure. Popular specifications are 350*180mm, 330*205mm)

* Soil or Rock Nails. Used with claw type spike plate to fix the tecco mesh onto the mountain. High tensile strength and solid structure make it be long service life and good condition.

* Connection Clips. The connection clips are used to connect the neighbor tecco mesh rolls firmly. It is an alternative to the sewing rope and the connection is commonly without overlap.

* Sewing Rope. It is used for connecting the neighbor tecco meshes. And the connection is commonly have overlaps. It can be used to replace the clips.

* Boundary Rope. Pass through the tecco mesh and then be fixed onto the anchor for tecco mesh and system stability.

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