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China Tecco Mesh

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Product Description

China High Tensile Tecco Mesh

China Tecco Mesh is used to stabilize slopes with its high tensile strength steel wire that comes in 3.0mm 4.0mm or 2.0mm options with a tensile strength no less than 1770N/mm2, The surface of the china tecco mesh is specially treated with a An/Al Alloy coating, heavily zinc coating or stainless steel wire is directly used.

China Tecco mesh system is an important active protection type in the rockfall barrier projects. This china tecco mesh system mainly consists of tecco mesh, wire rope anchor, spike plate, boundary rope, sewing rope and specialized clips. The china tecco meshes are fastened to the slope tightly by the wire rope anchor and spike plate through prestressed tension. Then the boundary rope, sewing rope and clips will reinforce the china tecco mesh for solid and firm. When the landslide and debris flow comes, the large stones or debris will be blocked by the  china tecco mesh and reduce the attack to the ground.

Compared with other rockfall barrier systems, the china tecco mesh is made of high carbon steel wire with high strength and hardness. China tecco mesh system is the simplest structure among all the rockfall barrier systems.

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