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Tecco System G80/4

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  • драпировка склонов
  • Защита от каменпада, сетка TECCO
  • Tecco slope stabilization system

Product Description

The TECCO System G80/4 is made using 4mm high-tensile steel wire. And with anchors the TECCO steel wire mesh covers over the slope tension and firmly. The TECCO erosion blanket is firmly fixed to slopes and features a finer mesh to ensure that small rocks can be held in place in addition to large boulders.


Standard Specification of TECCO System G80/4
Wire diameter:4.0mm
Hole Inscribed circle diameter: 80mm (+/- 5%)    Mesh Size: 102*177mm
Roll Size: 3.5m x 10m/20m/30m       Mesh Ends Knotted


The TECCO system consists of TECCO steel wire mesh, anchors, an anchor bearing plate, border and suture ropes and net connection elements.


Deformed steel bar anchor diameter: 25mm or 28mm
Length:2m -5m
Anchor bearing plate: 320mm x 170/180mm

Border rope diameter: 12mm or 16mm
Seaming rope diameter: 8mm


Compared with other active protection systems:
Only 60%-80% cost compare with the traditional wire rope system.
Fast and easy installation



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